Above All Else

  1. Our physicians, Dr. Rajiv B. Nanavaty, MD and Dr. Shubh Sharma are board-certified, who, along with our Nurse Practitioner, Lacey Lyle, provide exceptional treatment and care for our patients.
  2. We place a high level of importance on compassion and integrity - it is what drives our practice and the foundation for our reputation.
  3. Whether diagnosing sleep apnea, providing CPAP set-ups, conducting a home sleep study, EEG or EMG testing, it is our pleasure to take part in the lives of so many people.

       Services We Provide:

  • Initial Consultation / Evaluation - we complete medical history and focus on presenting problem, followed by complete neurological examination and/or sleep evaluation
  • EMG(Electromyogram) & Nerve Conduction Study - assesses function of peripheral nervous system and muscles; test duration depends on number of limbs being tested
  • EEG (Electroencephalography) - measures brain wave activity by placing electrodes on scap; test takes approximately one hour
  • PSG Sleep Study (Polysomnography) - overnight study at outside lab/facility; or your insurance may require a home sleep study, using a small portable device
  • CPAP - one of several treatments for sleep apnea, in which a small amount of air pressure is applied to airway to prevent collapse
  • MRI - imaging study to provide detailed pictures of structures inside the body
  • CT Scan - imaging study which uses x-rays to produce pictures of internal body structures

Neurology & Sleep Associates of Suffolk is a trusted name in neurology and sleep medicine.

As an independent medical practice, we take a great deal of pride in providing personalized and professional services that truly make a difference in people's lives. Families notice the difference our services make and our staff is grateful to be able to help. For us, nothing is more important than lending a helping hand.